Frequent Questions

In express commercial hard money lending, there can be a lot of questions. Here at Riverdale Funding, we’re eager to provide you with all the answers you’re searching for! View our Frequently Asked Questions page and find a collection of common questions from our borrowers and brokers. Just locate your question from the list, read the corresponding answer, and save yourself some time as you consider your next commercial hard money loan with Riverdale Funding!

Commercial Lending Glossary

Commercial real estate investing carries a large vocabulary, but you should never miss out on a deal simply because you don’t have all the information you need. Whether you’re a commercial mortgage broker or a real estate investor, you should always ensure you’re familiar with any term you may come across. Our Glossary Terms offer a complete rundown of terms you may run into in the CRE market—bookmark this glossary and never be unsure again.

CRE Market Reports

Each quarter, we perform industry-leading research into commercial real estate and commercial lending, combining expert industry voices with our own insightful analysis, and develop a comprehensive market analysis for dedicated brokers, borrowers, and investors like our clients. If you’re looking to stay abreast of the biggest headlines and how they’re affecting commercial real estate, look no further than our Quarterly CRE Market Reports. We’ve housed these quarterly reports in one place to help you with your own research into the CRE market.

Market Insights

Curious about getting started in a new commercial real estate market? Don’t go in without a plan. Because we lend in 36 states and the District of Columbia, we’ve done all the research into major CRE markets across the U.S., and we’ve organized this information to give you just that—insight into markets you may not be familiar with. Dive into our CRE Market Insights by City to get all the important statistics on a city: a snapshot of its growth, the opportunities you can expect to find, and how to locate a trusted commercial lender in the area.

Loans Closed

image descriptionNEW ORLEANS, LA Loan Amount: $450,000.00
image descriptionTHE VILLAGES, FL Loan Amount: $1,575,000.00
image descriptionBROOKLYN, NY Loan Amount: $6,000,000.00
image descriptionCOLUMBIA, SC Loan Amount: $635,000.00