What Is The Current Commercial Mortgage Rate


Find the current commercial mortgage rate depending on the asset class, loan-to-value, associated index rate & more. Updated monthly in 2017 to keep you informed.

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Are We in a Real Estate Housing Bubble?


Are we really in a real estate housing bubble? It’s one of the most popular questions in real estate this year, so we’ve taken some time to answer it for you.

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Commercial Lending Quarterly Report: Q3 2017


Check out Riverdale Funding’s Quarterly Report to discover the biggest news stories of Q3-2017, and practical tips for taking advantage of a strong CRE market.

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Getting a Commercial Loan: Complete 2017 Guide


Learning the ins and outs of getting a commercial loan is a daunting prospect for newcomers. Our Complete Guide is the perfect primer, or refresher, in 2017.

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The Future of Retail Space


Is the retail sector as we know it really doomed? Excerpted from our most recent market report, we break down the future of the CRE sector on everyone’s mind.

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When Can Real Estate Investors Apply for a Hard Money Loan?


For those new to commercial real estate, it can be difficult to determine when to apply for alternative financing. We help you determine when the time is right.

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Why Banks Shouldn’t Have the Final Say in Commercial Lending


Conventional bank guidelines can leave worthy borrowers out in the cold. We dive into whom they do and don’t work for, and a financing alternative to try instead.

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Hotel Ownership in an Airbnb World


Changing consumer preferences and new competitors from the tech field have put the hotel sector in trouble. What can hotel owners do to survive the new market?

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Commercial Lending and the Need for Speed


Among the many direct business lenders which have elected to specialize in these types of fast financing arrangements, the business loan professionals at Riverdale Funding are among the most knowledgeable and fast moving companies in the entire industry. Their skilled and knowledgeable professionals can show any business how to get rapid access to the funding they need with the least amount of delay or annoyance.

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What Are Commercial Mortgages?


We encounter commercial real estate nearly every day. For those familiarizing themselves with commercial mortgages, however, consider this post a crash course.

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