Riverdale Funding is a direct provider of alternative financing to investment property owners / buyers and rental property investors who are in need of a commercial hard money loan. Perhaps you need funds for a multi-unit apartment building or a spacious property that you envision becoming a bustling shopping center in the middle of a thriving community. Whatever your commercial real estate goals, we want to help you achieve them.

How It Works

At Riverdale Funding, we make getting a hard money loan easy. Our streamlined funding process requires minimal paperwork and can help you receive your loan within, at shortest, only a few days. Simply submit a completed loan application along with photos of the interior and exterior of the property, and our team will review and respond to your application shortly. To learn more about how you can get started with your Rental / Investment Property Loan, visit our application page or call us at (888) 368-4983.


Types of Properties We Lend On

  • Single Family Investment / Non-Owner Occupied (NOO)^
  • 2-4 Units
  • Multi-family (Apartment Building)
  • Office Building
  • Mixed-Use
  • Retail
  • Strip Center
  • Free Standing Commercial
  • Warehouse
  • Improved Land
  • Light Industrial **
  • Self-Storage **


^ Riverdale Funding cannot provide loans on 1-4 Family Investment properties in the following states: Oregon, Minnesota, Utah  |  ** These and other commercial property types not listed above will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


General Loan Terms

Riverdale Funding prides itself on its borrower-friendly commercial loan terms, which include:

  • Loans from $250,000 up to $5,000,000+
  • 1-3 Year, Interest-Only Loan Terms
  • Up to 65% Loan-to-Value (LTV)


For a full list of Riverdale Funding’s rental and investment property loan terms, please visit our Commercial Loan Terms page.


Common / Popular Questions

Due to the popularity of Riverdale Funding’s commercial hard money loans amongst commercial real estate investors, we have collected a short list of frequently asked questions regarding our Rental / Investment Property Loans.


  • What is a Rental / Investment Property Loan?

Each year, tens of thousands of real estate investors throughout the country look to real estate to create returns as a part of their portfolios. To provide funding for these properties which they intend to use for rental properties or as other types of investment properties, borrowers often seek out the speed and flexibility of commercial hard money loans.

  • How do Rental / Investment Property Loans help?

Many commercial real estate investors have multiple properties, and often, multiple commercial mortgages. While many of these individuals are reliable borrowers with strong track records, traditional lenders like banks often disqualify borrowers who have multiple commercial mortgages. For our Rental / Investment Property Loans, Riverdale Funding does not require financials but rather bases our lending solely on the value of the underlying property, which can provide a path to funding where banks cannot.

  • Can I get a 1-4 unit family residential loan?

Yes, Riverdale Funding provides funding for Single-Family Investments (Non-Owner Occupied) and 2-4 unit family residential properties. These loans can be funded provided the property is a non-owner occupied investment property.

  • When does it make sense for a real estate investor to use a hard money loan?

A real estate investor who has a commercial property and is need of funds quickly can benefit from a hard money loan. For example, an investor who has recently purchased an apartment or commercial building may need funds to restore it for use or to quickly pull out equity. Additionally, hard money loans are great for property owners who may not qualify for a conventional loan or may not want to deal with a long loan process.

For a complete list of frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.


Ready to Get Your Rental / Investment Property Loan?

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