Investment Property Loans and Rental Property Loans


Riverdale Funding is a proven direct lender of alternative financing to investment property owners / buyers and rental property investors who are in need of a commercial hard money loan.   We offer fast approvals and loan funding, competitive rates, and excellent customer service. What makes us different from most other lenders in our true asset-based financing and common sense approach to lending.  Our decision to lend on an investment property is primarily determined by the value of the property offered as security and not on a borrower's credit score or financial statements.  

When other commercial lenders can't, we can.  We do not request financial statements, tax returns, proof of income, bank statements, and we accept all credit scores. 

We provide commercial hard money loans on properties across most of the United States (where we lend) and our management team has over 35 years of solid experience in the mortgage and real estate industries.  

Contact Riverdale Funding today and get your investment property / rental property commercial loan funded fast. 



Bridge Loan Financing - Bridge Loans Program


Riverdale Funding is a premier commercial bridge loan lender who provides real estate investors and mortgage brokers with the commercial hard money bridge loans they need to fund their property.  By offering fast commercial loan approvals and funding, competitive rates, and dependable service, Riverdale Funding has earned the reputation as one of the top commercial hard money bridge loan lenders throughout the country.  

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Commercial Hard Money Refinance Loans - Cash Out Refinance Loans


Fast cash-out refinance loans make up a large portion of the commercial hard money loans funded by Riverdale Funding, a direct nationwide commercial hard money lender.  Riverdale Funding has built the reputation of being a trusted and reliable funding source for our mortgage broker partners and direct borrowers who utilize alternative financing for thier refinancing needs.  

Get your cash-out refinance funded fast without having to worry about credit score requirements or having to turn in financial documents.



Commercial Hard Money Purchase Loans


Riverdale Funding is an experienced nationwide commercial hard money lender offering quick approvals, fast funding, competitive rates, and excellent customer service for a variety of hard money loan types, including purchase loans.

There are many reasons a borrower may need to utilize a commercial hard money purchase loan (also referred to as a commercial bridge loan), instead of using conventional bank financing to buy a property.  

However, a common reason to use a commercial hard money loan to purchase a property is to secure a sales contract on a property that has received multiple offers. The ability of a buyer to close a sale quickly is an attractive benefit for a seller to consider, which will make the buyer stand out and give the buyer a better chance of securing the property. 

At Riverdale Funding, we can approve your commercial loan and get you funded fast, as opposed to conventional lenders who may need months to process your loan request.  

After the purchase loan closes and the buyer acquires the property, they then have the time to obtain traditional financing.

Don't let a good investment property opportunity pass you by.  

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